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WS-9: The First Workshop on Adoption of REST and LinkedData (ARALD 2011)

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The concept of Web as middleware gains further appeal with a wider audience. Many services, e.g. Twitter, see significant traffic via their API. The demand for data level access to services on the Web through APIs is an indicator of the emergent Web of Data.
The progress of the Web of Data is accompanied by gathering momentum behind REST in the enterprise and as the foundation of many Cloud related interface specification (and possibly standardization) activities. One aspect of RESTful web based M2M interactions concerns the ongoing discussion about data models. One contender in this area is RDF, which has been reinvigorated in recent years by the campaign for LinkedData, which has placed a stronger emphasis on actual published data. This can be seen in various Governmental initiatives publishing public data; a high-profile demonstration of the value of connecting data across otherwise separated systems. One theory is that domain-specific data formats will slowly start to yield to the necessity for a common data format, especially, as the continuing trend towards a Web of data encourages the conception of “bigger” applications with increased information and reach.
We welcome papers from researchers developing web-based APIs and data intensive Cloud services; associated methodologies, strategies, business models, challenges and data models.
topic of interests
Data models and REST
Business models and applications of LinkedData
Future adoption of Semantic Web technologies by enterprises
APIs for LinkedData
Dynamic LinkedData
Enterprise software and LinkedData
Application of LinkedData in the Enterprise
REST and Cloud standardisation
RESTful API development methodology
Roger Menday, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe, UK
program committee
Carlos Buil Aranda, Universidad PolitÚcnica de Madrid, Spain
Donal Fellows, University of Manchester, UK
Stavros Isaiadis, Fujitsu Limited
Alexander Papaspyrou, Technische Universitńt Dortmund, Germany
Michael Parkin, Tilburg University
Bernd Schuller, Juelich Supercomputing Centre, Germany
Axel Tanner, IBM Zuerich
David Wood, Talis
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This workshop is partially supported by Japan and France JST-ANR joint grant-in-aid for Peta-Flow. (Principal Researcher: Dr. Shinji Shimojo, NICT, Japan and Dr.A. Hirtum, Grenoble Univ., France)
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