Number of submitted papers : 51 (each paper was reviewed by three reviewers)
Number of accepted papers : 14 (about 27.5 %)
Number of accepted short papers : 7

Number of Workshops: 8
Number of submitted Workshop papers : 89 (each paper was reviewed)
Number of accepted Workshop papers : 49 (about 55 %)

Number of presented Student Session papers :  18

Number of Participants : 171
Number of Participant Countries : 10

Best Paper

Best Regular Paper
"Reactive Programming Optimizations in Pervasive Computing"
by C. Chen, Y. Xu, K. Li, and S. Helal

The paper above has also been invited to provide revised one for IEEE-CS IT Professional.

Best Student Paper
"Sensor in the Dark: Building Untraceable Large-scale Honeypots using Virtualization Technologies"
by A. Shimoda, T. Mori, and S. Goto.